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Topic: Optionslam.com Options Strategy Testing


The purpose of the strategy testing is to provide members to test different options play and create a community of optionslam.com members to share ideas.

Rules and Disclaimer:

1. Eligibility. - Registration at OptionSlam.com is required for options strategy testing. You can join free membership at here.

2. Trading Period: - Trade Requests are executed during NYSE/Nasdaq Market Open Hours. Quotes are delayed. As a result, order execution are delayed.

3. Cash Balance and Margin Requirement No Initial Cash Balance and margin calculations. Members are allowed to play different strategies at the same time.

4. Eligible Securities. Only Options trading allowed. Available strikes with expiration dates are based on our price feed vendor.

5. Order Types and Trade Execution. - Only Market orders are accepted. Each transaction made by a member will automatically appear in the Member's transaction history. Options exercise is completed on either Saturday or Sunday after the expiration date and the exercise price is based on Friday's market closing price.

6. Profit/Loss Calculation and Position Adjustment - Each options trade can be tracked independently and does not link to other trades. To test different options trade within one strategy, please use adjustment function to the existing trades.

7. Commissions and Interests - There will be no commissions/Interests calculated or assumed.

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