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HELP - Earnings Calendar


Use our Earnings Calendar to get a list of all stocks reporting their quarterly earnings on any given day - past, present or future. There are a few filters available such as EVR, average minimum volume and stock price to narrow the results down to your specifications. The report will always give you stocks that are reporting after the close on the date you choose and stocks reporting before the open the next trading day. The reason for this is that we track statistics of stock movement one day after an earnings event and compare to the pre-earnings closing price of that stock. Also this provides the user with a list of stocks whose last trading day prior to the earnings release is your specified date.

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Column Headings

  • EVR

    EVR is the acronym for Earnings Volatility Rating. We have developed the EVR rating system which measures how volatile a stock is upon its earnings announcement. The EVR scale is from zero to ten with ten representing the most volatile. Stocks rated with a lower EVR such as less 0.9 tend to not move a great deal after an earnings announcement. While a stock with an EVR over 4.5 for example tends to be more volatile after an earnings announcement with relatively large price swings. Please read the help topic called Earnings Volatility Rating for more information about the EVR.


    The date which a company announces its quarterly earnings results.

    Earnings dates are often accompanied by acronyms:

    AC = After Market Close

    BO = Before Market Open

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